1. Business innovation & Investment Visa (188/888):

This visa is opened for skillful investors, foreign businessmen, with the capital to move to and open a business enterprise in Australia, contributing to the innovation, economic competitiveness and economic growth of Australia.
This visa is for anyone who wants to own or manage a new or existing business, or to undertake investment activities in Australia. Initially, most businesspeople and investors will migrate to Australia with a temporary visa ( visa 188) for four-years to live and conduct business / investment activities.
During this 4 year period, the applicant must meet the requirements for turnover, length of stay in Australia and other conditions before applying for a permanent visa (visa 888).

2. Australian Business Talent ( Permanent ) Visa (subclass 132):

Visa 132 is a permanent visa that allows applicants to establish a new business or develop an Australian business. This visa consists of two categories:

  • Significant Business History stream ( Visa 132A) is a permanent resident visa for business owners or co-owners of high-potential businesses with expectation to develop business in Australia.
  • Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream (VISA 132B) is a permanent resident visa for applicants who are sponsored a venture capital fund by a member company of Australian Venture Capital Association Limited- AVCAL.

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