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1- Incorrect declaration information

When you declare your Australian travel information, you need to disclose your current personal, financial, work and property information, the reason you want to travel to Australia.

This information should be accurate and consistent with each other. If there is inconsistency and misinformation and is discovered by the consular officer. The profile can easily be denied.

Or the applicant was denied an Australian visa, but did not report on the application.

When the application is rejected for reasons of deviation, the applicant may be prohibited from resubmitting the application for up to 3 years.

2- Denied for financial reasons

This is also a common reason for visa applications to be denied in Australia. Therefore, financial problems when traveling Australia need to be well prepared and accurate to meet the requirements of the Migration Department, such as work, housing, money in the bank … and other sources of money.

3- Applicants do not have dependents or spouses and families in Vietnam

A common reason for being denied a visa application to travel to Australia is that the applicant has no binding relationship to return to Vietnam. Therefore the consular officer will be concerned that the applicant will not want to return from the trip and issue a refusal decision to eliminate the risk.

4- Applicants are within working age

Normally, when the applicant is in the working age, the consulate will be concerned about this issue and may make a denial decision, if your financial proof is not strong enough.

5- Family history is not good

If the applicant’s family has ever traveled to Australia and does not comply with the Australian visa conditions. This can greatly affect your Australian visa application

6- No or little travel abroad

If your passport is white, or you have very little experience ever traveling abroad. This is also not conducive to your Australian visa application.

For the above reasons, you should be careful with preparing an Australian visa application. In case you are worried about your application for an Australian tourist visa and wish to have the best preparation for your application. Please contact us for free advice

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