Do you know why Australia is a big dream and the initial choice of Vietnamese overseas students and other international students in the world? The reason is that Australia is famous for its beauty, peace and development; especially, the high quality in education all over the world gives students a chance to work and reside after graduating. Let’s discover the country – homeland of the lovely kangaroos!

Study abroad in Australia means that you have a chance to join to one of the highest education system in the world. Australia has 7 of the world’ stop 100 universities. The Australia education system trained the number of scientist, businessmen, engineers , etc. who are well-known in the world. It is proud of the people who are studying, working and contributing many great things to their countries and the world.

According to the report of OECD Organization (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), Australia consecutively leads the vocation for “the happinest country in the world”. Australia has 5 of 30 cities which are the best cities to live in the world. International students are allowed to work maximum 40 hours per fortnight which enable them to gain working experiences while studying. Morever, they are eligible to apply for temporary graduate visa which allows them to work up to 4 years after graduating. In addition, the living cost in Australia is quite reasonable compared to many other developed countries. According Australian Department of Home Affair, the average living cost for a student is approximately 20,000 AUD/year.

Study fees:

  • English Program: from 300 AUD to 500 AUD per year (monthly commencement)
  • Primary, Secondary and High School Program: From 12,000 AUD to 20,000 AUD per year (There are 4 semeters starting in January, April, July and October)
  • Diploma Program: from 15,000 AUD to 19,000 AUD per year (starting in February, July and October)
  • Bachelor/Master or PhD: from 19,000 AUD to 40,000 AUD per year ( starting in February, July and October)

Living cost:

The level of living cost depends on the city or area where you study and live. Generally, the living costs of Melbourne and Sydney are highest because these cities are developed and populated cities in Australia. However, the most importance thing is how you planed your expenditure.

Accommodation cost:

  • Homestay: you will live with native speakers. By this way, you can learn and integrate with Australian culture quickly. The cost is around 500 AUD to 1000 AUD per month.
  • Apartment: You can rent a large house and share with your friends. It is quite popular among international students now. The cost is around 400 AUD to 1,500 AUD per month.
  • Dormitory: You can register dormitory to live in school campus or nearby. The cost is around 350 AUD to 1,000 AUD per month.
  • Guesthouse: You will live with other students and share commonfurnitures in the public space like kitchen, bathroom,… The cost is around 350 AUD to 500 AUD per month.

However, whatever you choose to live, the quality and living conditions are highly appreciated as modern and convenient.

Personal cost:

  • Insurance fee: from 500 AUD to 750 AUD per year
  • Telephone and internet : from 240 AUD to 600 AUD per year
  • Public transport fees: around 500 AUD per year

Australia Education system:

Australia education system supplies various courses such as English programs;Primary and Secondary programs; Bachelor, Master or PhD of many majors: Economics, Finance, Banking, Engineer, Doctor, Personal Manager, International Relations, Information Technology,…and the others.

The course fees depend on each school, university and major that you choose.

Courses and Programs in Australia:

Primary and Secondary school program: These programs are for students under 18 years old. Students must have their relatives to be as a guardian until they reach 18 years old. If not, the school will choose a guardian for them. International students can apply to study at public or private school according to the law and managing rules of certain states.

ELICOS course (English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Student): This is an English course for international students who would like to improve and raise their English level for academic or general purposes. Most schools in Australia provide English courses for international students.

Foundation Program: Most universities in Australia have Foundation Program for International students. The program is equivalent to the first-year program of undergraduate students. Students who want to apply this program must complete Year-11 in Vietnam. There is 2 semester for international students to start studying in February and July.

Diploma Program: Some universities also provide Diploma program to international students for 1 to 1.5 year. This program is suitable for students who complete Year-12 program and unable to apply to Bachelor program. After finishing the course, students will be assessed to continue study at associated universities.

– Bachelor Program: You have two options

  • 1 year Foundation Program and 3 year Bachelor
  • 1 year Diploma and 2 year Bachelor

– Bachelor program is often 3 year or more

Master Program: this program is for students who graduated from a university in Vietnam. There are two types of Master program.

  • Master of Coursework: studying in 1.5 year or 2 years.
  • Master of Research: studying in 2 years

PhD Program: Students must write a research thesis or do research work to convince the supervised professor.

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