The most beautiful tourist destinations in Australia

You are coming to Australia to study, work or travel but do not know where to go  or what are famous attractions  in Australia, newland-travel.com will answer you soon here. In Australia, there are many unique landscapes so you definitely won’t be disappointed when traveling to Australia.

Sydney Opera House is a theater project in Sydney, Australia

5 Beautiful places in Australia you should visit

  1. Famous tourist destination in Australia – Sydney

Sydney night time

The beautiful city – Sydney is the first tourist destination in Australia that we want to suggest. Sydney is famous for its scallop-shaped coastal opera house with its unique beauty and design and sparkling Sydney Harbor Bridge at night. Sydney is a modern city in Australia with many magnificent high-rise buildings that are nowhere in Vietnam you can see. Moreover, in Sydney there is a zoo with many rare animals, especially the lovely Koala. When you go to this park, you will be free to touch this animal or hug it without fear of danger.

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 2. Palm Cove Beach is in top 10.000 the most beautiful beach in the world


Palm Cove Beach is in top 10.000 the most beautiful beach in the world

What a pity if you come to Australia, you do not visit Palm Cove Beach, which is among the 10,000 beaches in Australia with the enchanting beauty of smooth sandy beaches and clear blue sea, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. The sea waves here are not so strong so young children can enjoy swimming. There are also rows of green coconut trees making shade in Palm Cove, which makes the scenery of the beach more poetic. If it is too hot, after swimming, you can rest right under this coconut.

3. Great Barrier Reef the third place you should visit


Coral reefs in the Great Barrier Reef – Queensland coast

Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland is a place where you can explore the reef with thousands of coral species and many other colorful fish. In addition to swimming in the beaches of Great Barrier Reef, diving and snorkeling is a must-see recreational activity. The distance from Palm Cove beach to the Great Barrier Reef is not far away, so you can combine these two famous Australian tourist destinations together.

 4. Melbourne City – the fourth destination in your journey


 Melbourne City

The next exciting place in Australia for you to visit is Melbourne. It’s among the most livable cities in the world. To this beautiful city, you will experience recreational activities such as going on a boat trip to the city, sightseeing by balloon, swimming in the sea, participating in festivals, skiing in the freezing winter season. With a luxurious business center and restaurant system, you can enjoy delicious dishes made by a famous chef or shop for branded goods. If you don’t know where to go when you travel to Australia, Melbourne city is a place you should consider.

 5. Famous tourist destination in Australia – Nambung National Park


Nambung National Park

Nambung National Park is also an exciting place to play in Australia for you to visit. The park is famous for desert, sand and large rocks lying in the desert. Located in the western part of the Australian continent, Nambung National Park also has unique animals born inside the desert, so if you are lucky you can catch them. Note before you go, you should prepare plenty of water if you want to stay long because the temperature in the desert is hot and dry so you will probably be thirsty.

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These are unique tourist destinations in Australia that you should visit at least once in your life. Wish you have a happy trip!

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