1. Sydney has a great climate

Sydney has a warm climate in summer and mild climate in winter. This will give you more opportunities to participate in outdoor activities, exploring the city than elsewhere.

2. The scenic attraction

Sydney must be the city that owns many works and the most beautiful sights in Australia for you to see, such as Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach, The Rocks, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Harbor, Paddy’s Market, Darling Harbor , the Blue Mountains …

3. High level training program

Sydney has high quality universities and is very well known for its quality of training, including preparatory and English programs specifically for international students.

4. Too many interesting things to experience

You can visit museums, galleries, wander along the seas and ports or take a boat out to sea on beautiful days. If you’re passionate about sports, Sydney is also the paradise of surfing and climbing. If you love shopping, you can also look to local markets, famous shopping streets, big supermarkets or high-end shopping festivals here

5. Multicultural environment

Sydney is typical of Australia’s multicultural appearance and this is also the “home” of people from all over the world. The famous city is safe, clean and good.

6.We like to party and eat

Every year, Sydney people gather to organize typical festivals of each culture, such as the Lunar New Year, the cultural festivals of Indians, Greeks, Armeni, Brasil, Lebanon, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand … span the fields of food, music, cinema, comedy and art.

7. Working and studying

One of the advantages of studying in Australia is that you will be working up to 40 hours / every two weeks (or 20 hours / week) throughout the school year, or working full time during the holidays. This means you will be able to earn money while you are still in school.

8. Meet interesting people

Studying in Sydney, you will meet very interesting people from different cultures.

9. Affordable cost for international students

The cost of studying in Sydney is very “affordable”. Generally, the cost of studying and living in Sydney is very reasonable compared to studying in other developed countries.
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